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Get started by Clicking Subscribe button to pay for your monthly subscription and watch unlimited movies (African & Foreign), music, skits,shows and lots more in one subscription. Subscription cost N1,500 or $5 (its equivalent) for 30 days. You can as well click FREE CHANNELS to watch out four free channels 

1. Trends Channel - Watch Short trending videos, news & ads online.

2. Music Viral - Watch music clips of upcoming and celebrity artists. Get their full video on Premium or music streaming platforms. 

3. Movie Pins - Watch interesting movie clips and comedy skit teasers on this channel.  Get full the movies & skits by subscribing to premium.

4. Rhema Channel - Watch full spiritual & inspirational teachings that can transform your life.


Beyond just subscribing to watch your favorite movies and video contents, You can opt in to become an affiliate subscriber. As an affiliate subscriber you invite others with your link to sign up free and become your followers. Once they upgrade to Premium or affiliate subscriber, You earn 10% (N150) each from the monthly subscription fee of all your followers for life. You can earn N50K -N1.5Million monthly or it's equivalent in dollars for non Nigerians.

This is a business opportunity for those looking for side income opportunities to earn online. You simply subscribe monthly, set your Facebook & IG pages and run affordable ads to recruit your targeted followers stress free and earn monthly from their subscriptions for life even while you are asleep. The advantage is that sign up is free and your followers can't unfollow you, which makes it mandatory for you to earn once they start subscribing. You can subscribe to our free online training to enable you get started and succeed faster.

EARN MONTHLY AS A CONTENT CREATOR (For Film Makers, Musical Artists, Comedians/Skit Makers, Talk Show hosts, event managers etc)

Our Model also makes it easier for Content Creators and Film producers to submit their music, skits, shows, movies etc directly from their dashboard for review without passing through an agent. The *Submit Video* feature can only be activated and seen on dashboard of Premium Subscribers which also allows them earn more from all their Affiliate or premium followers subscription monthly over an approved period of time and based on category of content submitted. Content creators earn 20% of all premium or affiliate subscribers monthly subscriptions. 10% are automatically seen on dashboard while 10% are added during payment from our Content Financial Department. 


We offer free online training and coaching for those interested in earning as affiliate subscriber or content creators. The training covers digital marketing strategies that enables you get and grow your targeted followers on FameNet TV and earn monthly. To apply for this training from any country simply WhatsApp+2349013179477


Our system also provide arbitration terms for content creators to report and claim back their contents if being submitted through another account without their consent. To claim any content, kindly email [email protected]


Simply click withdraw and fill your withdrawal form and submit. Payment are transferred into your bank account within 48 hours. To receive dollar equivalent payment in any country, kindly download Barter by Flutterwave app on Google Play Store. Available for Franchise outlet partners and content creators. Click on FAQ to learn more about dates of payment.


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