1. How do I subscribe to FameNet TV?


2. Can I watch movies and Videos for Free on FameNet TV?

You can watch some old movies, movie trailers,behind the Scenes, Movie Clips, News, Gospel teachings, Pilot episodes and viral videos on our FREE CHANNELS. To access more quality and current movies and videos, you need to upgrade to PREMIUM CHANNELS.

 3. How much is Premium Subscription?

 The monthly Premium subscription cost N1, 500 or $5 (Use the Subscribe check out to view other currencies)

 4. What contents will I access as a Premium Subscriber?

 Premium Subscription gives you access to varieties of contents in one subscription. These includes movies, musical videos,   shows, premieres, events, comedy skits, teachings, inspirational videos, documentaries, cartoons, birthdays & wedding parties, talk shows, short films and lots more. You make choice from our Premium Channels.

 5. How do I earn on Famenet as a Franchise Outlet partner or content creator?

  To earn this monthly, your premium subscription must be active and you must have premium followers. Simply use the invite followers’ link on your dashboard to invite your friends and family via your social media handles. Once they sign up for free and become a Premium Subscriber, you earn 10% of their monthly subscription for life.. 

6.  What is Lead Friend?

Once people sign up with your invite link, they automatically become your Followers while you become their Lead Friend. Lead Friend are available for Franchise partners and affiliate marketer s.

7. How do I see and withdraw my earnings?

You can see your earnings wallet on your dashboard and can fill the withdrawal form to receive your cash into your bank account. Withdrawals may take 1-14 working days depending on the country. You can only withdraw once in a month and need minimum of N2000 or $10 to get paid for each month .

8. How many Premium Followers do I need to get before I can start earning?

With just one Premium Follower, you are up for earning. The more your followers subscribe monthly on premium, the more your monthly earnings.

9. How can I earn as a content creator/Film Producer?

To qualify for earnings as a content producer, you need to have premium followers. Once your video is approved, we pay you additional 10% of your monthly earnings making it double payment for a specific period of time. Check our CONTENT PAYMENT TERMS to learn more.

10. Can I submit more than one video content per time and will I be paid for multiple video submissions?

You can submit many videos but you have to wait for your content approval. Having your multiple videos approved will extend your monthly double earning period.

11. Can I open more than one account?

Yes, you can but for you to earn with each account, you will need to grow each account’s followers and continuously pay your premium monthly subscriptions to qualify for monthly earnings.

12. I create video contents, how do I send it to FameNet TV for approval?

You can even submit video once you sign up free. Click Submit video link on your dashboard and follow the instructions. Ensure you submit your video with your Art Cover, if not it won't be approved. You must have premium followers before you can start earning on your video and you must have active monthly subscription before you can withdraw your monthly royalties and payments. 

13. What are the criteria for video approval?

We approve entertaining and educative contents with good visual quality. 

14. How do I connect with new friends on FameNet?

Simply reply or send message to your Lead Friend and followers to connect or chat with them. FameNet enables you make real friends as people sign up with their real names as verified with their bank account name. 

15. How do I claim my content if being submitted by another account?

Simply Click OUR TERMS to learn more on how to claim back your content using our Content Arbitrary Terms