FameNet is an online subscription TV  and a subsidiary of NDM Communication Limited that enables subscribers watch   amazing video contents, connect with their followers and also earn monthly.  Our content varieties ranges from movies, talk   shows, educational videos, events and parties, music, training videos, short film, comedy skits, cartoons, kids video, Gospel teachings etc. With our Premium Channels, our subscribers control what they want to   watch, download at ease, with no ads, in one single subscription.

 Beyond just subscribing to watch your favorite movies and video contents, our Franchise outlet partners also have option to connect with their followers via chats and even earn 10% of all their premium followers subscriptions monthly. We give our Franchise outlet partners easy access to speedily grow their followers by using the invite link generated on their dashboard or direct link share to their social media handles. 

Our Model also makes it easier for Content Creators and Film producers to submit their contents and movies directly from their dashboard for review without passing through an agent. The *Submit Video* feature can only be activated and seen on dashboard of Premium Subscribers which also allows them earn more from all their premium followers subscription monthy over an approved period of time and based on category of content submitted.  Our system also provide arbitration terms for content creators to report and claim back their contents if being submitted through another account without their consent. To Learn more about Videos/Movie Submission and Payment duration, Click Payment Terms  

At FameNet, we’re passionate about great entertainment, personal and economic advancement of talents and potentials across the world and our service provides a rich affordable channels that brings amazing African and global contents at your fingertips..  Click HERE TO SIGN UP FREE

Our Channels





  • F-Net Movies: For Foreign Movies
  •  AfriNolly Movies: For African & Nollywood Movies
  •  Rhema Channel: For Gospel teachings and Music
  • Muzik Vibes: For Musical Videos
  •  Show-Net: For shows, events, talks shows and parties
  •  Net Skit Channel: For skits & other short videos
  • F-Net Series: For Web Series, soap opera & Short Films
  • Lolly Kids – For cartoons, educational, kids & teens related videos below 18years.
  • Trends Channel : For all online trending videos


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